Autumn Walk

While we’re on the subject of old class assignments, this was one of my favorites – from a digital art class, if you can believe it. We were supposed to take the concepts we’d been working with digitally out into the real world. For me, this manifested in giant found-art collages on the floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center. This was one iteration. The silhouettes are from a photo I took of my brother and sister walking on the beach.



Found these …

Found some old assignments from a college Illustration class. All were gouache paintings.

A design for a perfume store shopping bag:


For a concept article: “Do pets go to heaven?”


And a non-traditional interpretation of “The Eensy-Weensy Spider,” though I suppose you could argue “Little Miss Muffet” if you had to.




Nye Beach Cottage Sharpie Murals

So this was my big project as of a couple months ago. We stayed on the Coast in Newport, Oregon for four days, where I got paid to draw all over the walls of an actual 1913 Craftsman cottage with sharpies. It was a blast, but also a little nerve-wracking as I couldn’t do much in the way of preliminary drawings due to the wall surfaces. The cottage, which belongs to my folks (seriously – who else would set me loose on their house with a bunch of sharpies?) is being fixed up for a vacation rental. It’s a lovely little place, practically ON Nye Beach, in a gorgeous location with tons of character. I seriously cried when we left. Will post the renting information when it’s available.

So … if anybody else out there wants to pay me to vandalize their house or anything, drop me a line. I’d be happy to.


This happened awhile ago when I was listening to “Glass” by Bat for Lashes. He ended up with a weird sort of Joaquin Phoenix vibe.


It’s in Your Genes!

So at long last, here’s the book we worked on with Jacob’s grandmother, Maxine. I did the line work, some of the shadows, and color correction. Jacob did most of the digital stuff and the fun textures. It was a fun little project.

Edit: (If you want to buy it for a more reasonable price than Amazon’s, email me. PLEASE. We have copies.)


Not Dead Yet …

Still alive. Had another (awesome) baby and broke Photoshop, which, compounded by general laziness, evidently adds up to a year of interwebological inactivity. But I did write two books, got some business cards going, and an illustrated (co-illustrated) book through the works and up on Amazon. So if anyone’s still with me, stay tuned.