Nye Beach Cottage Sharpie Murals

So this was my big project as of a couple months ago. We stayed on the Coast in Newport, Oregon for four days, where I got paid to draw all over the walls of an actual 1913 Craftsman cottage with sharpies. It was a blast, but also a little nerve-wracking as I couldn’t do much in the way of preliminary drawings due to the wall surfaces. The cottage, which belongs to my folks (seriously – who else would set me loose on their house with a bunch of sharpies?) is being fixed up for a vacation rental. It’s a lovely little place, practically ON Nye Beach, in a gorgeous location with tons of character. I seriously cried when we left. Will post the renting information when it’s available.

So … if anybody else out there wants to pay me to vandalize their house or anything, drop me a line. I’d be happy to.